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Migration from VMWare to Proxmox


Move ESXI VMs to Proxmox

Proxmox is an open source hypervisor that operates similarly to VMWare vSphere (ESXi.)  While VMWare offers several advanced features not found in Proxmox, such as Distributed Virtual  Switches and Fault Tolerance, most SMB customers don't take advantage of these features. Proxmox can provide a low cost alternative to the rising support rates quoted by Broadcom for VMWare. 

While not overly complex, migration from VMWare ESXi to Proxmox does require some planning. In most cases, no new hardware is required. However, customers may need to rethink processes such as backup and disaster recovery. 

Storage Networks can assist with moving VMWare vSphere Virtual Machines (VMs) to Proxmox, while minimizing downtime. 

Already have Proxmox running? We can help with patching, ongoing maintenance, monitoring, backups, hybrid deployments, and disaster recovery. 

Storage Migration

Setup a common NFS datastore between Proxmox and ESXi to speed up conversion. We can provide loaner equipment if needed.  Deploy CEPH or connect your existing FC / iSCSI SAN. 

Network Migration

Convert ESXI  Port Groups and vSwitches into Proxmox Linux and OVS Bridges. 


Configure onsite and offsite backups with Proxmox Backup Server or use Veeam Agents. 

Contact us to learn more about Storage Networks VMWare Support and Migration Services. We are happy to provide no obligation budgetary service quotations, even for projects that may be months down the road. 
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