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Alternative Email Solutions

Cloud email solutions from Microsoft and Google can be expensive for growing businesses. Learn how Storage Networks can help reduce costs by helping you maintain your own mail and collaboration server, or hosting an alternative solution for you.  


Avoid Per User Monthly Fees: Some solutions we offer, when self-hosted or hosted & managed in our cloud, do not incur monthly "per user" or "per mailbox" fees. 

Office 365 Alternatives

Microsoft Exchange

Self-Hosted Microsoft Exchange, while not inexpensive, can be a more cost effective option than hosting with O365 for larger SMBs. Exchange has become somewhat easier to deploy compared to early releases, and is very stable once setup. Features like software defined DAGs (Database Availability Groups) provide high availability with low storage costs. 

Exchange is the best mail server for users that demand advanced desktop Microsoft Outlook Integration. 


Self-Hosted or Service Provider Hosted SmarterMail offers nearly all the features of Microsoft Exchange, at a fraction of the price, due to not having to purchase per-user CALs.  SmarterMail is one of the few mail servers, besides Microsoft Exchange, that offers full EWS (Exchange Web Services) emulation such that Microsoft Outlook users have full feature functionality without add-on sync tools. 

SmarterMail is quick to deploy, offers High Availability features comparable to Microsoft DAGs, and DKIM support to maximize deliverability of your emails to other mail servers.


SmarterMail also incudes file sharing and calendar services. 


MailEnable is a Windows Server based mail system with built-in anti-spam and anti-virus functionality. Users can access mail via webmail, Microsoft Outlook, an IMAP client such as Thunderbird, or via an ActiveSync protocol on iOS / Android. The affordable licensing cost is the same whether you have 5 users or 5,000 users. 







Mail Server Setup

Maintaining a mail server is not as complicated as you may think, though there are a few caveats we can help with including:

  • SPF Records

  • DKIM Records

  • DMARC Records

  • PTR (Reverse DNS) Records

  • SPAM Filtering

  • Backup

  • Hosting the solution on our servers so you don't have to worry about hardware maintenance

The hardest part is usually mailbox migration, though many of the products we carry offer automated import methods from existing Exchange / IMAP servers including O365 and Google Apps.  

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