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Backup Software & Hardware

Authorized Reseller

Schedule a call to start a Backup and Recovery dialog, or to arrange for a free in-house evaluation of your preferred product. 
Selecting the right backup tool for your datacenter, end points, cloud applications, and IaaS can be daunting. Storage Networks is an authorized reseller that can help navigate the complex licensing, sizing, and deployment operations from backup vendors such as Nakivo, Veeam, Unitrends, Dell-EMC, and more. 
Backup Vendors


Veeam Backup and Replication can be used to backup your VMWare, Hyper-V, and Azure VMs, physical Windows / Linux hosts, endpoint devices, and Office 365 data. 

Storage Networks can help compare the costs of per-socket licensing, per asset licensing, and subscription licensing. 

Veeam does not provide backup hardware. Our engineering team can help design cost effective storage repositories that comply with Veeams 3-2-1 backup rules, including their new ransomeware resistant immutable repositories. 

Storage Networks is an authorized Veeam Cloud Connect partner  and can provide offsite backup / disaster recovery budgetary quotations. 


Dell-EMC Power Protect (Data Domain) hardware offers the industry's best deduplication technology. The hardware can be configured to work with Veeam, exising EMC Avamar and Networker environments, or be purchased as an integrated backup appliance to work with Dell-EMC's new Power Protect Data Manager backup software.  


Nakivo offers one of the most cost effective backup applications in the industry. Nakivo can backup physical servers, virtual servers, and Office 365 data.

Storage Networks can provide aggressive competitive displacement discounts for licenses.

Our engineers can also design and quote out storage repositories, from high performance Linux servers compatible with Nakivo deduplication to iintegrated appliances from Q-Nap and Synology that both store your data and run all necessary Nakivo backup components.   


Unitrends offers one of the industry's widest selection of backup agents that can work with even the most obscure operating systems. Licensing models are flexible, ranging from capacity based to socket based. 

Unitrends provides both purpose built appliances with hardware optimized for backup as well as cost effective  software defined solutions that can  be used to repurpose existing NAS / storage servers.

Storage Networks engineers can help assess costs and flexibility of using Unitrends Cloud services for disaster recovery or self-hosting two Unitrends appliances for site-to-site replication. 







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