VOIP Phone Systems


Phone systems are still a vital component of a business, though with the proliferation of collaboration platforms like Zoom & Teams, paying $10-$20 per month per user for a desk or even softphone adds up quickly . Storage Networks can help design a phone system, either self-hosted or cloud hosted, that avoids "per user" fees. 

Phone Services


FreePBX is an open-source (Free) phone system with a large user base. Server requirements are minimal and basic setup is quick with its built-in firewall and easy patching system. 

Storage Networks can help design and deploy FreePBX systems, helping with setup of high availability (HA), backup, call queues, extensions, virtual attendants, phone provisioning, call rules, cell phone forwarding, and much more. 


3CX is a Windows Server based total collaboration solution. Not only can it replace your phone system, but it can provide web conferencing comparable in functionality to Microsoft Teams. 

Costs are a fraction of cloud services like RingCentral and Microsoft Teams. In fact, for very small organizations, the software cost is free!

Storage Networks can help with server setup, phone call / queue / extension routing, DIDs, reporting, website integration, and more. 

Cloud Hosted

If you are interested in a self-managed phone system but do not want to maintain the physical hardware required, Storage Networks can host just about any Linux / BSD / Windows based phone system in our datacenters or Amazon AWS / Azure.  Contact us to learn how we can help, whether by migrating your existing self-hosted environment to an IaaS platform or building a new system from the ground up. 






VOIP Phone System Setup
Maintaining a phone is not as complicated as you may think, though there are a few caveats we can help with including:
  • Migrating Phone Numbers
  • Selecting a SIP Provider
  • Configuring SIP Connections and DIDs (Direct inward Dial Number's) 
  • Firewall Configuration
  • Backup
  • Provisioning new phones
  • Caller ID Rules (inbound and outbound)