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IT Support for Small Business


Why Storage Networks for IT Support?


  • We offer competitively priced "pay per hour" or predictable monthly contract pricing

  • We can work with your existing software and hardware stack, no need to replace your existing software or hardware. 

  • We support  Office 365 and Google Workspace, as well as alternative platforms like NextCloud to reduce costs.

  • We can augment your existing IT staff, or act as your fully outsourced IT provider. 

How we help SMBs (Small Businesses) with IT

Employees today have more devices than ever before, running OSes ranging from Windows to MacOS to Android and IOS. Storage Networks helps  ensure all the devices are centrally managed, tracked, deployed, and patched against cyber attacks. 

Security, Anti-Virus, Malware


We deploy and manage Intune, Carbon Black, Malwarebytes, Crowdstrike and other products to make sure your devices are protected against increasing cyberattacks. 

PC, Laptop, and Workstation


We design, sell, and service PCs and Laptops from all major manufacturers including HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Apple. Whether you need simple PCs for Microsoft Office applications, or workstations for Adobe Creative Suite or AutoCAD, we support Windows, MacOS, and Linux and ensure you have an organized system to deploy new OS instances and software via Active Directory, Intune, or other MDMs. 

Remote Monitoring


We provide monitoring and proactive remediation of problems with critical devices and processes such as firewalls, switches, servers, backups, and workstations. 

Employee On-Boarding 


With so many devices to manage, onboarding and terminating employees can be challenging. Storage Networks will help define and oversee a scriptable, repeatable procedure to provision computer login, e-mail, CRM, and other application access for new employees as well as procedures to lock and archive data during termination. 

Phone & Conferencing


We setup phone and video conferencing solutions including Teams, Zoom, RingCentral, FreePBX and others to ensure your local and remote employees can collaborate with each other as well as your clients. 

Mobile Device Management


Company owned iPads, iPhones, and Android tablets / phones need to be configured to access company data, tracked, and secured especially when deployed "in the field" for onsite sales or service technicians. Deploy MDM tools such as JAMF and Intune (Endpoint Manager) to manage Apple, Android, and Windows devices. 

Wireless and Wired Networks


All businesses need a firewall, wireless, and traditional wired networking.  Storage Networks helps with deploying, monitoring, and supporting switches, routers, gateways, and access points. Whether you are starting with entry level ISP provided devices from Comcast or Verizon, or ready to move up to a business class Fortinet or Cisco device, we are here for you. 

E-Mail and Collaboration


We are an authorized Google and Microsoft Partner that can assist with Office 365 / Google Workspace setup and backup. For customers that want to reduce or eliminate recurring fees, we also support other options such as SmarterMail (Office365 and G-Mail alternative) and LibreOffice. 

 Onsite support is available around  Massachusetts & New Hampshire. Remote support is available across the US. 
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