Disaster Recovery


Storage Networks can work with any backup application, including Veeam, Unitrends, and Nakivo to create a cost effective offsite backup for Disaster Recovery failover.


We provide failover environments running Hyper-V, KVM, Xen, VMware, i5/OS, and more.


Unlike traditional Disaster Recovery providers, you do not pay reoccurring fees for compute resources when you are not using them....Saving you thousands in OpEx and CapEx.


Offsite Backup Repository

The first step of a DR strategy is to get your data offsite. Our Veeam / Unitrends / Nakivo cloud repositories are backed by deduplication software  to greatly reduce your offsite storage space requirements and costs. Our rates are comparable to AWS S3 / Azure Blob storage all while providing access to native VMWare / Hyper-V / Xen compute environments. 

DR Cloud

Storage Networks offers a failover environment for VMWare, HyperV, Xen, KVM, and bare metal Linux / Windows / i5/OS workloads that can be restored from offsite backups or directly replicated into via Veeam / Nakivo / Unitrends Replicas (as opposed to backup copy jobs.)

Unlike most providers, you will only need to pay for compute resources when you need them for testing or failover. 

Storage Networks also provides Microsoft SPLA licensing so your Windows, Exchange, SQL, and other Microsoft workloads remain compliant while operating in our datacenter. 

Loaner Servers

Storage Networks can provide loaner servers to seed your data to our datacenter, or to restore data from our cloud to your local environment after a failover. 

Are you in a the middle of a disaster without a cloud backup? Ask about our emergency server loaner servers that we can bring on site.

Hosted NAS - a unique approach

Traditional cloud providers charge a monthly "per TB" fee for offsite storage in a shared pool between customers.  We can reduce costs, and enhance security, by hosting a private  NAS, such as a Synology Rackstation, loaded with the latest 8-16TB drives.  With the low one time cost to procure the NAS, we changes the pricing model from "per TB" to a fixed monthly hosting fee. Storage Networks will provide the power, bandwidth, patching, and monitoring of the device along with an application proxy (Veeam proxy, Nakivo transporter, etc.) for optimal performance. 


Strategy and Testing

Storage Networks can help create and document an actual disaster recovery strategy, failover plan, and failback plan. Let us ensure you have the proper offsite infrastructure  including domain controllers and firewalls, and even more importantly, ensure your offsite data is not corrupt by executing periodic sandbox tests.  

Schedule a Call to learn more about which DRaaS segments and deployment model best accommodates your needs.