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Veeam Offsite Backup

Veeam Disaster Cloud

Veeam Offsite Target for Disaster Recovery Features

Veeam Offsite Backup Repository


Storage Networks offers affordable Veeam Offsite storage. Customers can either connect via Veeam Cloud Connect services, or reduce costs via connecting to a hosted storage repository over a secure VPN connection (either from the customer's firewall to ours, or via a software OpenVPN Client running on your local Veeam server.) Customers can save money using the advanced deduplication features of our cloud storage (Redhat VDO), or can attach to a colocated NAS such as a Synology Rackstation that we manage and host for clients. The hosted storage can be configured with Veeam 11's new Immutable storage feature to guard against ransomeware, and / or an advanced XFS Filesystem using Reflink technology. When factoring these efficiency features, customers  find pricing lower than S3 or Azure Blob storage. 


Veeam Cloud Failover (Restore from Backup) and Replica Targets

In the event of a disaster in your server room, you can restore your Veeam backups to our hosted Hyper-V and VMWare servers. You will only pay for the compute resources you use for either actual failover or periodic testing, avoiding costly monthly fees for resources you will infrequently utilize. 

Storage Networks can also provide hosted VMWare and Hyper-V Servers to serve as Veeam Replica Targets so your VMs can failover without having to first restore them from a backup. 

Loaner Servers and Data Recovery


Sometimes cloud DR is not possible due to security or financial restrictions. Storage Networks can provide and deploy rental (loaner) servers to help you recover from a server room disaster such as a fire or burst pipe. Storage Networks can help you restore Veeam backup data from your own remote site, tape, our cloud service, or a third party cloud service to these rental servers while you work with insurance providers to procure new equipment. We have been told that many insurance providers will reimburse customers for disaster recovery expenses. 

Veeam DRaaS (Disaster Recovery) FAQs

What is Veeam Cloud Connect?


Cloud Connect is a Veeam Product installed by Veeam partners that allow MSPs to host offsite backups and replicas for customers. Cloud Connect is not hosted by Veeam directly and service quality varies by partner. Cloud Connect makes it very easy to replicate VMs offsite with a few clicks of the mouse. It offers unique features like encrypted VPN-less transport and Network Extension appliances to automate failover / failback. The "problem" with Cloud Connect is a tax that Service Providers must remit to Veeam for each VM that is backed up, making Cloud Connect one of the more expensive ways to implement Cloud backup with Veeam. Storage Networks is an authorized Veeam Cloud Connect provider. 

Is there an alternative to Cloud Connect?

Yes! Veeam backups and replication jobs can be made over a VPN connection to a service provider like Storage Networks. We can setup a site-to-site VPN from your firewall to a private hosted Fortinet / Barracuda / pfSense firewall in our datacenter or simply use a native Windows VPN client on your Backup and Recovery Server. Such a setup allows you to copy data to Storage Networks and spin up VMs on a hosted VMWare or Hyper-V platform. There are significant possible cost savings in some cases. You may use out on features such as Wan Accelerators (depending on your Veeam License) , but most customers do not require these. 

Are there any special  requirements for a non-Cloud Connect DR Target?

On our side, Storage Networks will host a Veeam Proxy VM to substantially increase throughput. The proxy aides in compression and deduplication between the source and destination storage repositories.


For Veeam Replicas rather than Backup Copy Jobs, a proxy is not used. We simply host an ESXi or Hyper-V host that you point to for replication.








Contact us to learn how to cut your Veeam offsite backup and DR costs and get a free quote.
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