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Proxmox Compatible Servers

Storage Networks can help configure turn-key servers from Supermicro, Dell, HPE, Lenovo, and Cisco that have been tested to work with Proxmox. 


Preconfigured Proxmox Servers with Proxmox Preloaded

Storage RAID vs HBA


We ensure proper storage hardware selection for hyperconverged (CEPH) and ZFS that work best with HBAs rather than RAID controllers. 

Data Migration


We offer services (Remotely and on site) to migrate data from existing Proxmox servers or other hypervisors, such as VMWare ESXi. 

Storage Device Selection


Pre-qualified SSDs and spinning disks that are known to accurately work with SMARTCTL and ZFS. 

Driver & Firmware Compatibility


Pre-Built servers have NICs, CPUs, and storage controllers with Proxmox supported firmware and drivers. 

We are working to post some quick reference architectures for budgetary pricing. If you would like a budgetary quote for general purpose Proxmox compatible servers, please submit a "Quick Server Quotation." For more complicated environments, we can help you run a Dell Live-Optics or rvTools assessment of your current environment. 


Need a quick budgetary Quotation for Services such as Installation, Configuration, Integration, Help Desk Support, or hosting?
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