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Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)


Hyperconverged (HCI) Support and Product Evaluation

Hyperconverged Infrastructure solutions consolidate your servers, storage and networking into easily managed appliances. For some users, these solutions can effectively reduce costs both in terms of labor and financials. For other use cases, HCI may not scale well and can be far more costly than a traditional server plus storage model.


Contact us for free budgetary analysis and cost estimates for a range of HCI and traditional server plus storage options. We can arrange a proof of concept with loaner equipment for many solutions including StarWind, VMWare vSAN, Datacore, StorMagic vSAN, Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct, and more. 


Highly Scalable storage for larger environments. 


Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct

High Performance, low cost storage for Hyper-V using cutting edge RDMA via iWARP and RoCE

StarWind vSAN

Cost-effective pre-built Dell appliances or bring-your-own hardware. 

Dell-EMC VxRail

Rigorously tested, purpose-built appliances with single vendor support. 

StorMagic vSAN

Cost-Effective Software Defined Storage on your preferred server platform.



Extremely simple and quick to deploy nodes for IT staff tight on time

Contact us for HCI budgetary pricing and loaner hardware for a proof of concept. 
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