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Firewall & Security

Authorized Reseller

Storage Networks Certified Security Engineers work with partners Barracuda Networks, Check Point, Cisco, and Fortinet to assist in the selection, configuration, installation, and application integration of Next Generation FireWalls (NGFW).
Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) filter network traffic to protect an organization from internal and external threats. Along with maintaining features of stateful firewalls such as packet filtering, IPsec and SSL VPN support, network monitoring, and IP mapping features, NGFWs possess deeper content inspection capabilities.
These capabilities provide the ability to identify attacks, malware, and other threats, to allow the NGFW to block these threats. NGFWs provide organizations with SSL inspection, application control, intrusion prevention, and advanced visibility.
Schedule a call to start a Security and Firewall dialog, or to arrange for a free in-house evaluation of your preferred Partners product. 
NGFW Firewalls

Fortinet FortiGate

Fortinet security appliances offer a great balance between easy to manage SMB devices and enterprise grade performance.  Fortigate models start well below $1000 and you can customer to include basic firewall protection, SSL inspection, web filtering, and malware filtering. 

Cisco Firewalls & ASAs

​Storage Networks CCNA Security Engineers can help you select, configure, and install the optimal Cisco components for your environment and budget.

Choose from cloud managed Meraki hardware, traditional ASA (FirePower) hardware, or virtual ASA (FirePower) NGFWs for IaaS deployment. 

Check Point

Check Point created the first Stateful Inspection firewall and continues to be a strong innovator in the industry with unique technologies like "Maestro" that allow a true active / active scale-out firewall clustering. While Check Point is a strong player in the enterprise datacenter, entry level units can be purchased for as little as $1000. 

pfSense  / opnSense

For customers on a tight budget, consider deploying opnSense / pfSense (free) as a virtual machine or on a micro PC. pfSense and opnSense performance can rival that of high end commercial firewalls with proper CPU, NIC, and driver combinations.

Contact Storage Networks for hardware design and configuration assistance. 


Barracuda Networks focuses on all aspects of SMB security. Their hardware and software networking solutions offer next generation firewall protection, web filtering, load balancing, SPAM filtering, and more. Storage Networks can help evaluate perpetual license costs vs subscription costs for all Barracuda products. 



















Free NGFW Evaluations

Fortinet, Check Point, Cisco, Barracuda Networks, and HPE Partners offer free Evaluation NGFWs and Trial Software on select models.


To take advantage of this opportunity to evaluate and compare features, functionality, and ease of use, Schedule a call to start the process.

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